Welcome to the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

You are welcome to the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The B.Sc. Degree programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management comprises of programme/discipline/sub-discipline structured to include periods of formal studies in the University, Industrial Training, Fieldwork, Planned visits and Project work.  The period of formal studies in the University shall be based on mode of entry.  That is, UTME candidates will spend 4 years white Direct Entry candidates will spend 3 years.

The individual’s industrial Training Scheme is for 6 month in various organizations (both private and public) that are related to Tourism and Hospitality Management.  Three compulsory field tour will be embarked upon during the course of the entire programme.

  1. Local tour to conversant areas located in the south western states of Nigeria/part of North Central State (Ilorin).
  2. National Tour to selected Tourism and Hospitality destinations within the country but outside South Western Nigeria.
  3. International Tour to Tourism and Hospitality destination outside the country to any part of the world.