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The Faculty of the Social Sciences was established in 1982 as one of the pioneer Faculties in the then Obafemi Awolowo University now Ekiti State University.

The Faculty presently comprises of seven Departments that are accommodated in two separate buildings.  The main Faculty building where the administrative operations of the Dean, Heads of Departments, Faculty Officers and Faculty Accountant and over Seventy percent of the Academic Staff are housed. The second Faculty building accommodates the administrative operations of the Tourism and Hospitality Department – The Museum and Artifacts.

We have 61 Full time Academic Staff comprising of 25 at Professorial cadre, 8 Senior lecturers and 20 Lecturers.  The student population in the Faculty is about 3,802. The Faculty has undergraduate programmes, Postgraduate Diploma programmes, 2 Master level programmes:  M.Sc. and M.Phil and the M.Phil/Ph.D and Ph.D degree programmes.  These programmes are taught by seasoned and highly proficient and internationally exposed Faculty and ably supported by fine crops of non-teaching staff.


The Faculty is blessed with national and international network of Alumni of the various Departments within the Faculty who are in constant touch and partnership with us on the provision of educational infrastructure and the re-engineering of our curriculum in line with the best international practices.


This Faculty of the Social Scientists provides a veritable platform for social interaction between the gown and the town and provides a training ground for technocrats from the public and organized private sectors.  We enjoy an excellent team spirit in providing solutions to vagaries of societal problems.


My office – The Dean’s Office is a problem solving and solution providing avenue for students staff and the world outside the University.  The office is very accessible to all that needs the attention of the Dean.  All that is needed is to follow the University regulations and abide with the protocol of COVID – 19.