Brief History of the Faculty

The Faculty of the Social Sciences has been in the university since its inception in 1982. The Faculty began with the departments of Economics, Geography and Sociology. In the 1983/1984 session the Faculty added the Department of Political science and Psychology. By 1990, the Faculty also introduced full degree programmes in B.Sc Accounting and B.Sc in Banking and Finance. The Faculty of the Social Sciences had the opportunity to admit students into its Postgraduate programmes in the 1995/1996 academic session after the introduction of its Postgraduate programmes in the 1992/1993 academic session. When the Faculty of Management Sciences was created, the departments of Accounting and Banking and Finance were moved from the Faculty of Social Sciences to the newly created Faculty.

The Faculty also played a pivotal role in the university during the creation of Centre for Research and Development (CRD) in November 1991 to attract and promote research consultancy and policy development. This later resulted in the university’s receipt of a grant from Swedish Agency for Research cooperation in a project on sexual behaviours and sexually transmitted diseases in Nigeria. In 2009/2010 academic session, the Faculty introduced the following new courses.

  1. Sc Environmental Management (Housed in the Department of Geography and Planning Science).
  2. Sc Tourism and Hospitability in Tourism Management (housed in the Department of Geography and Planning Science)

The B.Sc programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management has blossomed to a full-fledged department. The Faculty of the Social Sciences also participated when the External Degree programme (now Directorate of Part Time Programmes) was established to run weekend programmes.

The Faculty also played crucial roles in the development of the curricular for the center for Gender and Development Studies and Peace Governance and Security Studies.

The Faculty has continued to wax strong in pursuit of the university academic objectives. The departments in the Faculty of the Social Sciences at present are:

  1. The Department of Economics
  2. Department of Geography and Planning Sciences
  3. Department of Political Sciences
  4. Department of Psychology and Behavioural Studies
  5. Department of Sociology
  6. Department of Environmental Management
  7. Department of Tourism and Hospitality

List of past Deans.





Prof. Olusegun Areola             

1982 – 1983


Prof. Omolade Adejuyigbe

1983 – 1985


Prof. Bola Ayeni

1985 – 1986


Prof. Olarewaju Fapounda

1986 – 1987


Prof. J.O Adejuwon

1987 – 1989


Prof. I.O Orubuloye

1990 – 1992


Prof. F.S Ebisemiyu

1993 – 1996        


Prof. I.O.A Adelola       

1996 – 1997


Prof. F.I Afolabi

1997 – 2000


Prof. D.C Uguru-Okorie

2001 – 2002


Prof. Dipo Kolawole     

2003 – 2006


Prof. D.C Uguru-Okorie



Prof. E.O Ogunleye

2006 – 2008


Prof. Wale Adesina

2008 – 2012


Prof. W.O Adebayo

2012 – 2016


Prof. S.O Adebayo

2016 – 2018


Prof. Femi Omotosho

2016 – 2020


Prof. A.A Awe    

2020 till date

The current Dean of the Faculty is Prof. A.A Awe from the Department of Economics while Mr. Babatunde a Deputy Registrar is the Faculty Officer.

The Faculty has provided leadership at one time or the other at the top echelon of University administration. Prof. I.O Orubuloye from the Department of Sociology served as Deputy Vice  Chancellor and Vice  Chancellor 2004 – 2008. Prof. Dipo Kolawole from the Department of Political Science served as Deputy Vice Chancellor 2006 – 2008, Acting Vice Chancellor 2008 – 2009 and Vice Chancellor 2009 – 2011.