Welcome to the Department of Sociology

Sociology helps humans to understand more about the Society in which they live. If you are curious about why groups of people behave the way they do or hold particular sets of beliefs, or you are intrigued by how societies change, then sociology is your kind of subject. It deals with all facets of human interactions, group dynamics and management of the strains and challenges. Graduates of Sociology these graduates and specialists in sociology are found in virtually all aspects of human management.  In nut-shell sociology is to produce graduates who will have a broad exposure to the socio-economic dynamics of the nation.

The courses offered in the discipline are designed to combine both theory and practice and at the same time provide solution to social problems especially in the arears of society and culture, Rural and Urban Development, Population Health, Criminology, Gender issues, Social Integration and the Work place. Once again you are welcome to the Sociology Department, a discipline that serves as one of the pillars that hold the Faculty of the Social Sciences, Ekiti State University.